Our Story

We are Ilze and David, husband and wife team in many other aspects of our life, but our path of progression and healing is what brings us JOY and FULFILLMENT on all levels.

Our Life Activations brought such profound shifts and healing in our lives that we are now both certified Life Activation practitioners offering this healing modality to anyone feeling stuck and numb and knowing deep inside there is more to you and more to life.

Ilze have since trained further and is a certified healer specialising in sessions like the Full Spirit Activation, Hermetic Soul Retrieval, Shamanic Aura Clearing and many more. She’s a Kabbalist, Apprentice Ritual Master and initiated Celtic shaman.

She’s also an Ensofic Reiki practitioner and meditation teacher.

David is a crystal healer and meditation teacher, and he’s a Kabbalist.

We have a beautiful 5 year old boy and a little baby girl. We live in the Cederberg, in Clanwilliam, and we also own and run a digital marketing agency.

Where We Study

Ilze and David both received advanced spiritual training and certification through The Modern Mystery School.

Through the power of activation, initiation and the wisdom of the lineage of King Salomon, the Modern Mystery School provides the tools, teachings, healings, services, classes and programs that enable the initiate to transform themselves, coming into a state of truly knowing themselves.

The Modern Mystery School believes that all humans can be empowered to live in peace, joy, fulfillment, abundance and harmony with all, while being in accordance to their own unique purpose.

Life is meant to be lived, and realizing your own true potential is part of thriving as a spiritual and physical being.

Connect With Us

We’re always available for a chat and a cup of tea, so if you would like to learn more about what we do, how the healings work, about the Modern Mystery School, and what a path of growth and transformation can do for you, please contact us anytime.

About | Salvare Energy Healing Practice | Activate Your Life | salvare.co.za
About | Salvare Energy Healing Practice | Activate Your Life | salvare.co.za


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