What is the 7-Layer Aura Balancing & Healing?

This ancient Egyptian healing modality balances, heals and activates the energies within the 7 layers of the aura.

This healing works with the sacredness of the human body.

It cleanses, balances and rewires all 7 layers of the aura using sacred geometries.

The 7 layers are, spirit level, thinker level, soul level, astral level, planning level, dreamer level and action level.

Some of the benefits of this session:

  • Liberation from old cell patterns (from trauma for example)
  • Freedom of expression and creativity
  • A deepening of spiritual understanding
  • Healing areas in your life where manifestation is lacking

This healing reconnects you back into your spirit and soul helping you with connecting to your thinking, planning and action level.

How the session works:

This healing is a very sacred ceremonial healing where you actively take part in the session.

We will sit on the floor for this session.

It’s a 1.5 hour session. It can be done once and then again whenever is needed.

Session Type

One-on-one ceremonial session



1.5 hours



R2650 for a package of an Aura Healing, Shamanic Aura Clearing and a 7-Layer Aura Balancing & Healing (value R3050)




What a Wonderful Healing experience I had with Ilze. She is so passionate about the healing treatments she offers and explains things in a way that makes sense and is easy for me to understand. The Ensofic Reiki was particularly special. I could feel the healing energy deep within my being. I was able to relax deeply and felt restored after the session. The Egyptian Aura healing was interactive and gave me clear direction in life. The light absolutely radiates from Ilze. She has such a loving energy with the pure intent of serving humankind. I would highly recommend any of her healing sessions.

Yvette Jordaan


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