What is a Full Spirit Activation?

The Full Spirit Activation is the next level of the DNA (Life) Activation.

With the life activation your divine blueprint is activated (which is your DNA) and it enables you to access your potential in life allowing you to see and progress in your journey of growth, therefore your physical life is activated.

But we need connection to our Soul too, because our soul is our connection to Spirit, God and our own divinity. We need connection to our soul so that we can hear our soul’s guidance for our life.

This session activates a guidance system for your soul and spirit so you can make better choices and overcome negative habits that are undermining your success.

With an improved spiritual navigation system, you’ll begin to get inner guidance, build confidence in your intuition and step onto a path to higher purpose. This helps you to see choices where your old habits and negative subconscious patterns previously had control.

The Full Spirit Activation builds on the spiritual map accessed through the life activation.

The benefits of a Full Spirit Activation:

  • Feel more alive and also live life more alive.
  • Experience joy because your soul is awakened to physical life.
  • Helps you flow smoothly through the rapid changes of life with greater ease, balance, and awareness of the options before you.
  • Fights apathy in the soul.
  • Instantly release unresolved emotions and attachments from the past.
  • Brings you into the present and gives you a sense of clarity.
  • See more options for your future without your mind (negative ego) getting in the way.
  • Intensify your physical and spiritual senses.
  • Unblock channels of awareness in the body.
  • Awaken to the new paradigm that we are evolving into.
  • Relax more easily and access meditative states more easily.
  • Boost your connection to life, nature and the people around you.
  • Elevate your relationship to divinity and God.

It awakens and rewires your “old” limbic brain so that you can consciously live from your spirit and soul – where you already have all of the answers you need to transform yourself.

When you are in touch with your soul and spirit, they will help guide you to a higher vision of your potential and purpose.

How the Full Spirit Activation works:

The Full Spirit Activation is a 2 hour session.

It consists of the following parts:

  • Energy balancing
  • Chakra awakening and balancing
  • Tree of Life awakening and balancing
  • Spirit activation

The Full Spirit Activation can only be done after you’ve received a Life Activation. If you have received a Life Activation a long time ago, I do a very discounted Life Activation topup session in preparation for this session.

The session includes an alchemical water based formula (Purificato & Crystalis) to assist the body to assimilate this extra light and yield faster results.

Session Type




1.5 – 2 hours 


R1850 (includes Purificato & Crystalis set of R650)



Life Activation or Life Activation topup session within the last 3 months


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