What is the Purpose of Life reading?

Your DNA holds the blueprint for your Spirit since creation, your true self, who you truly are. Depending on the key focus areas, we can source all kinds of information to help you answer your key questions for your life.

These can include; your life purpose, how your mind works, your relationship contracts, your spiritual lineage and where you come from.

This information is all encoded in the 11th codon of your DNA, so this session is also called the 11th Codon Reading.

You will receive information on what you are here to do, who you are and who you are becoming, what your challenges are and much, much more; giving you access to the great wisdom and empowerment that is your birthright.

The Purpose of Life reading can include the following:

  • Your life purpose
  • Your relationship contracts – parents, partners, children
  • Information on when and how to fulfill your purpose/contracts
  • Origin of your Spirit
  • Your mind – how it works and what its key gift is
  • Your gifts and essence – what you specifically brought to this life
  • Your connection to Angels, Archangels, mythological beings, Masters of Light and more
  • So much more, because this is a very unique and specific reading to who YOU truly are

If you really feel and KNOW there is so much more to who you are, this reading is for you. You’ll receive so much about your true essence and purpose in this life from one reading, but subsequent sessions can be done, revealing more chapters to who you are.

How the Purpose of Life reading works:

The Purpose of Life reading is a 29 minute session, but I allow 1 hour for you to integrate afterwards and record the information that is being shared.

You can also write everything down as we do the session.

A Life Activation is a prequisite for this reading. If you have received a Life Activation a long time ago, I do a very discounted Life Activation topup session in preparation for this session.

Session Type




1 hour





Life Activation or Life Activation topup session within the last 3 months


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