What is Sacred Geometry Crystal Gridding?

Sacred Geometrical Crystal Grids are used to elevate and take any space, like your home or office, to a whole new level bringing in wholeness, protection, sacredness, God and Goddess energy and greater love.

These permanent crystal grids will bring in a continuous experience of strong, positive energy. The crystals used in these grids maintain an extremely positive and high energy at all times.

How it works:

You can choose to grid your whole house or only certain rooms, like bedrooms, children’s/baby’s room or an office space.

The room/house is ‘gridded’ with ancient sacred geometrical shapes, eg the Sputnik, by walking and weaving this sacred geometry together with ancient holy words. This grid is then ‘locked’ into place by crystals that are secured at specific places in the room or house.

There are four sacred geometrical grids and each has a different amount of crystals that are used, bringing in and anchoring a specific energy.

The crystals themselves have been cleansed and stored in a sacred temple, waiting to be used for your home.

Crystals are sacred energies in themselves designed to be of service to hold sacred energy.


A free consultation is done and the best course of action will then be designed for your space.

Price on request – it depends on how many grids are chosen, how many rooms are gridded and how many crystals are required.


Book a session or contact us to learn more.