What is the Spark of Life distant healing?

This distant healing was created thousands of years ago by the high priests and priestesses in ancient Egyptian temples as a means to uplift and support the healers who traveled out into the communities to work.

The Spark of Life healing can only be done long distance and is a complete refill of energy and light on the mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

If you’re feeling depleted and foggy, struggling with health issues, feel stuck or have been running on empty for too long, then the Spark of Life distant healing will support you.

The Spark of Life uses the Ensofic ray and is one of the most powerful and sacred healings to receive. It reconnects you with your original Divine Spark.

The benefits of the Spark of Life:

  • Reduces stress and anxiety.
  • Purifies the mind and helps with mental fog.
  • Heightens your energy and vibrancy.
  • Helps with insomnia and to sleep better.
  • Relieves physical, mental and emotional pain.
  • You can receive this healing in the comfort of your own home.
  • Works immediately and is long lasting.
  • Brings relief to any health issue you might have.
  • Can be done for anyone anywhere in the world.

How the Spark of Life works:

The Spark of Life is a 1 hour session.  For the first 30 minutes you are required to sit up straight, but for the rest you can lie down and even go to sleep.

Therefore a good time to receive this healing is at night before going to bed.

What I require from you:

  • Your permission.
  • Your full name and location.
  • For you to sit for the first 30min.

I check in with you the next day.

Session Type

This is a distance healing



1 hour






“Two weeks ago I received the Spark of Life session from Ilze. During the session (which was done while I was comfortably in bed) I felt at peace, relaxed and calm. My body was totally absorbing the much needed Light and Energy to reset. I felt my tension slowly melt away as I fell into a deep sleep. I had struggled with sleep since Lockdown started, having managed with about 4 hours of sleep on average. From the very next day and over these past 2 weeks it has felt like my being has been injected with a surge of creativity, a renewed sense of passion and motivation. My sleep has started to normalise and my energy levels are better than they have been in months. I feel driven and recharged. I have been writing a course and had some serious mental blocks around certain areas but since receiving the Spark of Life my mind is notably more focused and my thoughts are even clearer. It has even allowed me to open up some new possibilities. It was JUST the boost I needed. If you are seeking a way out of the fog of mental or physical fatigue and really want to refill your cup, especially with these times we find ourselves navigating, I highly recommend the Spark of Life!”

Taz Abrahams

“Salvare Healing has been a beacon of light during the crazy uncertainty of the first few weeks of lockdown. In a time when a lot of stressors were peaked by external factors, Ilze’s online meditations really helped to bring peace and calm. Her Spark of Life offering came at a perfect time in my life and the lasting effects thereof were amazing! The evening after the session my brain felt clear and completely un-fogged. I felt like I could construct my thoughts and feelings in a better way and respond rather than just react. I also slept better and felt rested when I woke up. My energy levels were much higher and I had the internal motivation to do the things I was setting out to do. Overall, the Spark of life was an awesome experience and I’m so grateful for Ilze’s heart and passion for her work!”

Belinda Van Der Merwe


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